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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Michael Gallagher wrote:
Oddly enough, I was surfing rec.martial-arts and stumbled on a thread where some BJJ/Shoot/Grappler types who cross-train in Aikido, or who have done an Aikido, offer an appraisal that's not all bad. They're not necessarily happy with the cooperative nature of thr training (which IMHO is a bit like saying the Yankees coulda beat the Red Sox if they'd just go a field goal kick in, but I digress), but they seem to like how well the techiques can work, paritcularly on those who don't train for them. Here is the link to google's archive of that thread (I hope):

Nice to have some endorsement!

I find they are not happy with the cooperative nature of the art because they do not have breadth of experience. Your average person training in MMA/NHB is in teens to early 20s. They tend to focus on "combat effectiveness" on what works 80% of the time. Nothing wrong with that, but I find that in the long run it is helpful to train slow and methodical. It wasn't until I started studying aikido that I unlearned some bad habits. Some of these guys are a little shocked when they see me and my MMA instructor who it very good btw go at it. It is slow methodical and somewhat graceful, but powerful at the same time.

For the most part they haven't taken the time to understand the training methodology behind aikido, nor are most of them ready for it at that stage of their life or development.
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