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Re: Defending against Aikido

Tim Gerrard wrote:
But supposing in a fight, that someone tried kote-gaeshi you could counter it with irimi-nage. I think that practice of Kaishi Waza would come in handy for that.

Hi Tim,

I think it's back to what if's here really. If your uke (tori applying the technique) has done it properly, if your balance is compromised and if he hasn't left himself open, kaeshi waza is very difficult, if not impossible to do. Kaeshi waza is a reaction/ response to slack technique, it really will depend on what tori is doing, and how well he's doing it, I don't think it's an automatic course of action.

As others have said, I find it hard to image the situation really, I would be surprised if someone attacked using Aikido per se, but you never know.



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