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Re: Poll: How important is the philosophy of aikido during your "on the mat" training?

Xu Wenfung wrote:
I voted not very important. Discussing philosophy is something for 'off the mat'. I guess during mat times, I am too busy catching my breath and atemi'ng my oncoming ukes. Osu! Boon.
Tarik Ghbeish wrote:
Critical. The older I get, the more I find all my training, indeed, my entire life and being, is guided by my philosophy. To indulge in any other sort of training is a waste of my time. Tarik
Lan Powers wrote:
It permeates everything about what we do, and how it is done........
In the beginning, I was going to answer along the same lines as Xu, during class, practice, I'm not philosophizing, I'm not thinking deep thoughts, just practicing. But, as I thought about what makes my practice unique unto me, and different from some of the others that practice, is the mindset, attitude, or approach as you will, to the practice. This is definitely influenced by my understanding of Aikido philosophy, by my understanding of Budo. This seems more in line with the latter two quotes. And in fact, they're all right. On the matt is not the time to "philosophize", it is the time to practice, but the practice is influenced by the philosophy. Maybe a better riddle would be which came first, the practice or the philosophy???

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