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Re: Defending against Aikido

Andy Orwig wrote:
Hey all,

Just say that you find yourself in a defensive situation and someone is atttempting to use Aikido on you, he already may you off balance a bit, is Aikido, if implemented correctly and quickly enough, defendable against?

Deep thoughts Deep thoughts?
Not so deep, really.

First, your suggestion is VERY unlikely. If I MUST indulge in what if's, I prefer to stick to the more likely ones. I am of the opinion that the likelihood of being attacked by a skilled martial artist goes down the more skill they have attained and years of training that said martial artist has been involved in, regardless of the art.

Second, this is the very scenario we engage in every day in the dojo. As uke, do you not study your partners suki (openings) while taking ukemi?

They are always there. You make not always exploit them, but that should never stop you from studying them, as this informs your own nagewaza (nagemi, to steal the term from Jun).


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