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Re: Defending against Aikido

Andy Orwig wrote:
Hey all,

Just say that you find yourself in a defensive situation and someone is atttempting to use Aikido on you, he already may you off balance a bit, is Aikido, if implemented correctly and quickly enough, defendable against?

Deep thoughts Deep thoughts?
Sweep the leg, no mercy, Cobra Kai!!! Ok all kidding aside.

The first question you should start with is what is the likelyhood of you being in a "defensive situation" while an Aikidoka attacks you. If you don't give them energy, how are they going to use it against you?

Suppose it is happening and you are off probably started it and deserve whatever you get (ok so I'm still kidding)....obviously you will need to fight for the control of your own balance at the very least. Most martial arts or hand to hand techniques tend to be far less effective when deployed from an unbalanced posture. If you can figure out the technique that is being applied you can try to stay just ahead of the energy, like riding a wave, and look for an opening to escape, counter attack, or reverse the technique. In my KungFu days I would have tried to strip the grap and toss a jab to distract them so I could get out of the mess I got myself into. Now that I do Aikido, I'd try to keep the connection and try to take control of our balance and the line of attack.

The next thing I would do is try to stay away from their reach. If you can't grab me you can't toss me:P , well usually, unelss you can distract me enought to make me trip .

Who am I kidding?...I'd just run away and hope the Aikidoka was one of the elderly, pot bellied, kind.

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