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Re: what does religion say about ki?

Mal Smith wrote:
i grew up in a christian home and go to a christian high school... i do not however consider myself to be/practice any religion.

but i was just thinking that ki is kind of a complicated subject and i was also thinking that most christians would get upset with people if they said that ki was real. are there any christians out there that could share their veiws???

if someone beleives in ki, then is it also assumed that they beleive in reincarnation? in my mind that makes sense. i mean if you have ki when youre alive then what happens to it when you die??
The concepts of ki and reincarnation are independent of each other. If a person believes in ki, it does not mean they also believe in reincarnation or vice versa.

I do know of people who practice ki development and are Christians. They believe that their ki practice helps their Christianity. Of course that probably depends more on what style of "Christianity" and "Aikido" you practice.

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