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As it's used within the AAA policy manual, "Shihandai" is an "assistant shihan" (I'm not sure if that's the exact wording or not as the manual is at the dojo and I'm at work). It is a teaching rank given to members of the AAA National Teaching Committee. AAA uses teaching rank (jyoshu, fukushidoin, shidoin, sensei, shihandai, and shihan) based on attendance at Intructor's Seminars, hours of experience teaching, and commitment within the region and organization. Each teaching rank carries with it certain responsibilities and obligations relating to things like testing students for certain ranks. Currently there is only one Shihan in the AAA, and that is Toyoda Sensei.

So, at least as used in AAA, Shihandai is not a term of honor for people who should be (for lack of a better phrase) shihan. The term used for those people would be "shihan" or perhaps more accurately "AAA shihan".

Keith Engle

Originally posted by Kami

kami : By the way, Shihan Dai means "In the place of the Shihan" or "Substitute for the Shihan" and not, as could be supposed, "Great Shihan" or something like that.
About Shibata Shihan : is it just me or something is happening within USAF?
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