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Jorge Garcia
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Re: New Aikido Dojo Opening in Houston, TX

No disrespect intended. I first heard the name Shudokan because of a martial arts association that I was trying to join and that was their name. I took the name because I wanted my name to match the Association I was with. Their website says the following,

"What's in a Name?
Shudokan means "an Institution for Cultivating the Way." (In this instance, do, or "the way," refers in a philosophical manner to discovering the right and natural way for human beings to live. It is the same character found in the terms budo--the martial way; sado--the way of tea, i.e. the tea ceremony; shodo--the way of Japanese calligraphy; as well as the names of various Japanese fine arts.)

It is important to note that no martial connotation can be found in the appellation Shudokan, no reference to karate-do is contained in the name, and the name has even been used on occasion by schools of Japanese cultural arts that have no connection to budo. Actually, any do form, ranging from judo to karate-do to iaido, or even fine arts such as shodo, could be considered a "vehicle for cultivating the way."

I ended up not joining the group because of some technical difficulties but since I didn't find anyone else in the United States using that name for Aikido, I decided to keep the name. Up until recently, I never even heard the name of Master Thamby Rajah and had no idea there was a Yoshinkan group by that name.Of course, if you look at my website and any ad I have ever put in a dojo finder and you will find that we have always identified ourselves as Aikikai. I never had a concern about using a name someone out there might also have because as Brian mentioned, the names of dojos are frequently duplicated. My name is Jorge and there are some good Jorge's out there and some bad ones but I just try to keep the name attached to my face clean. I think people understand the difference.
I wish master Thamby Rajah and his dojos the best in the Aikido spirit of harmony.
Best wishes,

"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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