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Re: causing no (serious) harm

Paul Finn wrote:
Is a tornado violent? Is a storm?
Sure, but we're talking about people here, not weather. I haven't seen any tornados show up at my dojo in a gi

Paul Finn wrote:
Can't an action be regarded as violent with out Mal intent? One must violently strike the mat to dissipate the force when performing Tobi ukemi does that make the action wrong?
An action can be violent without mal-intent - striking the mat violently may well jar your body pretty hard though! However, when it comes to an interaction between two people, one chosing to inflict violence upon the other does call intent into the equation, IMHO.

Paul Finn wrote:
Secondly you perform a technique that results in dropping another person on the floor or manipulating a joint in an un-natural direction but you have no responsibility for the outcome of such an action?
My responsibility is to do it in such a way that no harm comes to the other person, and in the dojo that is exactly how I train. In the street, an attacker is responsible for chosing to attack me, so he choses the consequences. Have you read any Terry Pratchett? In Ankh-Morpork the guards have a few interesting definitions of suicide, such as wandering alone and unarmed into The Shades at night with a bag of money... My philosophy on what happens to attackers in the street is somewhat similar.

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