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Kids' Classes - Challenging AND Fun?

My Sensei has tasked me to teach the children's class in our dojo.

Basically, I've been told we can't teach them any techniques that put undue stress on the joints for fear of injury.

We had fallen into the practice of doing repetitive bokken techniques and some basic techniques such as: Ikkyo; Kokyu-ho; Irimi Nage; Tenchi Nage; and Shi-ho Nage.

The kids are getting bored and attendance has waned somewhat. Sensei asked me to add some things to spice it up a little.

For variety, I've had them do things that aren't necessarily Aikido techniques, but good for conditioning and having a little fun.

Things such as:
  • leopard crawling (on elbows & knees);
  • wheel-barrow racing;
  • modified randori (everyone takes a turn in the centre with everyone else acting as uke - the tori in the middle can use any technique they know);
  • a form of randori where they all attempt to catch me - they haven't yet;

Does anyone else have drills or techniques that they like to use for kids' classes that either teach them something or help with basic conditioning while keeping practice fun?
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