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Re: Exercises to keep breathing?

Suren Baghdasaryan wrote:
Hi all,

This question seems trivial - just keep breathing, but yet I find it pretty difficult to keep breathing during a hard training, which leads to tiredness at the end of the class...Yet, there are people who breath and seem relaxed through the whole session and they seem to be as fresh as in the beginning of the class...From my understanding running and maybe multiple bokken cuts should help to keep the breathing in shape. Any other ideas?
You have answered your own question. Run, and run until you get your breathing in rhythm with your running.

And for those who seem as fresh at the end - maybe they have just gotten used to their training and are not training hard enough. Or, maybe they are just very fit. But, sometimes, the only people 'working' are the low grades. I think everyone should be pushed a little. Or, those seniors may BE tired, but not LOOK tired. That is another skill to acquire But, it certainly makes sense to aim to be able to train hard and not be too tired.

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