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Re: causing no (serious) harm

Ruth McWilliam wrote:
If I executed my technique without intent to cause harm, using my skills and abilities to deal with an unprovoked attack outside the dojo (where the attacker intended me harm), then any damage that occurred to the attacker as a consequence would be as a result of his own violence, not my Aikido.
I can understand how the issue of "intent" is relevant for today's legal notions of responsibility, etc., but, as I said earlier, such notions aren't really supported by the Osensei quotes mentioned thus far. From the point of view of a subject/object reconciliation, such issues really just look like "fancy lawyering." They are a kind of, excuse me, a kind of "weaseling" out of one's place in the suffering of the world. Again, I understand the practicality of such issues, and I understand why they speak to our modern common sense, but they represent a different take on the topic of moral behavior. As such, I hardly think they are a solution to things - certainly not a solution to what they claim to be solving, and certainly not a solution on par with the one offered by Osensei (in the quotes thus far mentioned). Come on, are you really achieving anything positive at all by telling some kid that you didn't kill his father - that his father killed himself by attacking you? Is that really the end of the story? Is your part in the story all done? Etc.?

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