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Re: Causing no (serious) harm

Paul Finn wrote:
One can quote the bible for the devil or the lord,, forgive my blatant paraphrasing of Shakespeare but i think it is pertinent. This holds true for O'sensei too. We could quote and counter quote all night. There are quotations that tell us to strike the enemy down and there are quotes telling us to save our partner and to love the world. Are we wrong to dismiss one and follow the other. Which one do we dismiss? The one on striking and attacking because it doesn't follow with our belief system or the one on love because we are seeking a practical martial experience?

Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves - what one wants to do with History, or not do with History, is one's own business. Regardless, History exists, and this notion of minimal damage came from somewhere. Questions on the history of that notion are neither a support or a condemnation of that notion. It is what it is. Thus, we don't invalidate the history of certain things, nor our own interests in such histories, simply because we long for the legitimacy of seeking validation within our own person and/or our own time alone.


David M. Valadez
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