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Re: causing no (serious) harm

Ruth McWilliam wrote:

Because violence means to do intentional harm. You can't be accidentally violent! At some level you have given yourself permission to deliberately attempt to inflict harm upon another human being if you choose to be violent.

Is a tornado violent? Is a storm? the question of intent is only mentioned in around half of the dictionary's I looked in. Can't an action be regarded as violent with out Mal intent? One must violently strike the mat to dissipate the force when performing Tobi ukemi does that make the action wrong?

Secondly you perform a technique that results in dropping another person on the floor or manipulating a joint in an un-natural direction but you have no responsibility for the outcome of such an action? you said that you wouldn't break a limb by any direct action of your own. Don't you at least acknowledge the possibility that any of the katame waza has the possibility of injury? And if so then do you acknowledge that by merely applying them you create a situation were you through the application of such a technique would damage someone. How exactly does a person injure himself?

My final point is to James. I have been lucky enough to have boxed at competition level and from my experience I never had the intention of causing harm. It sounds strange but there it is. How often have you watched a boxing match and the two boxers hug at the end? I think this occurs because of the absence of malice. There was violence but no malice a contradiction to many I am sure.

Regards Paul Finn
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