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Re: causing no (serious) harm

Keith Kolb wrote:
I'm sorry but your staments seem to be contradictory. To say that the injury from your technique was the attacker's fault is akin to mining my fron lawn, and when one of my mines blows someone to bits saying "It wasn't MY fault, he was trespassing..." If you know a particular technique is capable of causing injury, and you intentionally use this technique, did you not intentionally put your attacker in a state potentially harmful? How is this not violence?
My Aikido is not violent, therefore, any injury sustained by the attacker would be due to him hurting himself. I would not break a limb by any direct action of my own, but if my attacker took a swing at me, missed, and fell on concrete breaking his own arm, that would be down to him.

I wouldn't stop a punch with my face just so my attacker could avoid falling over and hurting himself.

I hope this clarifies,

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