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Re: Punches

Jory Boling wrote:
Right on topic, we focused on what to do against a jab last night.
What did you do? I don't like to be at that range because I ismply cannot move my whole body as fast as someone can flck out their arm.

In my dojo, any atemi is a good atemi. The thing is that the rule of the dojo is to be level appropriate. At one point, there was a time when some dojos they didn't actually atemi, but instead would inform you that "you're open". I got such a kick out of that (not literally)! I prefer for the person to just start their atemi and show me. They just need to keep the same speed and intensity we were doing the waza at, and pull the punch or whatever the first couple times. Sometimes you can do something with the atemi, and sometimes you cannot and must change something else much earlier. I think that's much better training.

I feel that every basic wasa has at least one point there there must be a choice to not hit the uke. I would love for someone to list their favorite choicess of targets (that they are not striking) when doing basic waza. One of my friends who is really good at striking, threw someone, and did 3 amazingly fast punches at them while they were in the air. (He made sure not to really hit them, but he was clearly aiming and choing not to make connection. That was awesome.)

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