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Re: Exercises to keep breathing?

Ki breathing exercises have helped me with my breathing. I practice them whenever I can, throughout my day, and it has helped me to take longer, deeper, slower breaths. I have found I can do a technique and then some in one breath. The old saying to "do a technique in one breath" is a little confusing. I used to think that this meant matching my breath to the technique. For example, for a shomen-uchi ikkyo, I would inhale when meeting the attack, then exhale when going down for the pin. This may be a good place to start to start taking control of your own breath, but as you start to do techniques one after another, or do randori, the breath runs short. So for me, I do one technique "within one breath", making my breaths longer by staying relaxed, and being able to do more. Of course, physical fitness does help too as well as humming (but make sure it's a nice, slow and easy song; I wouldn't recommend humming to Metallica)
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