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Re: causing no (serious) harm

david, i hope this is considered enough for you!!!! well its a good rant anyway..........

I will give a perspective of someone who came to aikido largely attracted conceptually. You should note that I am quite new to the art. To me the kind of conflict one is likely to encounter is dominance behavior. One needs to consider the motivation behind an attack, not just the specifics of the attack……nothing is ever that simple……an aikidoka has tremendous potential to display physical superiority to an adversary. However, the cause of an attack is never based on physicality, if someone has "something to prove" or feels that they need to physically assault you, no doubt there are issues behind that. My point is that by merely defeating someone physically we do not resolve the conflict. By not hurting your adversary in a physical confrontation you make the physicality a mute point. Effectively you say "we cant hurt each other". This is how I interpret harmony. If you hurt them you say "I can hurt you, can you do worse?"… makes the physicality the issue. Naturally to illustrate your superiority to your attacker may involve breaking their arm, the issue is grey, the difference here is that you are putting the responsibility of the action ( harm) back upon the attacker. ie I only hurt you because you made me….. i am not sure if this is possible with a striking art…but perhaps…it would take more maturity from the uke that is certain…so my point is that harming and intent to harm are two different things and the way this is perceived by uke is the difference between harmony and continued conflict.

all akidoka know that they could put their training partner in hospital many times each training session….but we never (almost) do….we learn to control power as a routine…I have no doubt that years of training this way has a deep psychological effect… consider boxing for an alternative, where you spar and really think about hurting the opponent…this I hope is where aikido can find me harmony…violence is the intent to harm, if you know how to defend yourself and you don't you are issuing violence on yourself,, and your family…..and the next poor sod who will become a victim …..….

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