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Michael Cardwell
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Re: causing no (serious) harm

David Valadez wrote:
Yes, this is a good question. Can anyone cite Osensei saying anything on the notions of not-harming an opponent and/or (especially) the notion of "minimal damage." The latter one is what gets me - since I find it hard to equate an economic position with a moral position. Can anyone cite something said by Osensei in regards to the notion of "minimal damage" or "minimal injury"????

In Invincible Warrior, by John Stevens there is a story about this. Supposedly someone once ask O-sensei if he had any great disappointments in life. One of the things that he said was a failure on his part was an injury that he caused. He was teaching at a police training seminar when one of the students started to strongly resist a wrist technique that O-sensei was applying to him, and so his wrist was injured. O-sensei said that while this may have taught him a lesson in the old way of thinking, that it was not his way, and he resolved after that to refine his technique so that no one would ever get hurt.

I may have gotten some of that story wrong, it's been awhile since I've read that book, but I believe that was the gist of the story. Anyway you can look it up yourself.
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