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Reg Robinson
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Re: Practice without tradition

Hi Jorgen,
I feel that the practice of Tradition/Etiquette, in the Dojo is what I make of it. If it is an act which I perform upon entering or leaving just because it is expected of me, then the answer is yes, you can train with out observing these practices. However, I believe that the atmosphere in the Dojo changes, particularly that immediate area around me. That change is not a positive one.

Outside of the Dojo my practice of Tradition/Etiquette is much the same. I was taught by my father to remove my hat when in the presence of ladies, & when entering someones home or even entering a restraunt. I was also taught when meeting a male friend or being introduced to another man to shake hands, if it was a lady you whould shake hands when & only if the lady extended her hand.
It has being my experience that whenever I have extended these courtesy it has resulted with the recipitent feeling good about the encounter. If I can possibly help someone feel good with such simple gestures then I believe that I am practicing Aiki Do.
Please do not let simple gestures in showing respect disapper from the Dojo.
Thanks Reg.
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