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Re: causing no (serious) harm

To see if we can side-track this thread off of the usual twists and turns, please allow me some room to suggest that many of these "common" understandings of Aikido's relationship to moral behavior seem to be very immature in their thinking. I do not wish to discount anyone thinker as "immature," but it is hard not to upon hearing such views immediately ask, "Have you even thought ten minutes about such and such an understanding?"

Human history is filled with men and women who were in possession of a great mind and/or a great spirit, and even they had to dedicate their whole life time to discover the heart of moral behavior. It seems a bit "bold" to approach such a topic without an equal investment of time and effort (i.e. one that is not even close to ten minutes of reflection). Some of these views, in my opinion, can only exist precisely because they are held without any real time or effort to see them through (or see through them) - to see if they are accurate, or valid, or even true. Some more time and effort, even just a little, I feel, would go a long way toward preventing this thread from getting off topic (i.e. the thread talked about citing sources) and/or from landing in the quagmire of undocumented personal accounts that attempt to wrongly bridge the gap between the subjective and the objective.

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