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Re: Equitable?

Rob Liberti wrote:
I tried telling a toxic student that he may only be in the dojo if he consistently went out of his way to be helpful, humble, and quiet at all times. He resorted to using judgemental postures like standing back with his arms folded, looking down his nose at a beginner who was confused and looking for help (as opposed to what she got). That was my best attempt before telling him to take some time off.
Hmm, tough situation. I guess the guy was more concerned with trying to make a point, and playing the passive aggressive game to do so, than he was in learning Aikido.

In an ideal world all Aikido students would be at the dojo because they sincerely want to learn Aikido. In reality, I think a percentage of students are there for other reasons which become apparent after a while spent taking classes. All a sensei can do is to make sure that the sincere students are getting their needs met, and not pander to the other students, who will eventually either decide to become sincere or leave.

I can't think of a fairer way to handle it than this

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