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Charles Hill
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Re: Healing Energy

Hi Aaron,

I recommend that you do the following when practicing basic techniques with the intention to improve health (physical or auric)

Go slow so as to keep your psyche calm thoughout the technique. Or maybe a better way to put it is to go only as fast as you can while keeping totally conscious of what you are doing.

Try to affect your partner`s body at as many different places at the same time. For example, in nikkyo/nikajo remember to lock up your partner`s elbow, shoulder, waist and even down to the feet and toes if possible instead of just the wrist. Also be aware of stretching all the muscles between these points.

Even though what we are practicing is a set pattern, try to believe that you are doing the technique spontaneously. I think of it like an actor who gets lost in a role and has forgotten they are only acting.

I think that practicing without the above ideas if damaging both to the body and especially the psyche. I have found a lot of interesting ideas and drills to practice them on the dvd called Hand to Hand produced by the Systema people at

I just attended a special class with Watanabe Nobuo Shihan at the Aikikai Honbu dojo who is well know for this topic. For him everything begins with correct posture and stretching the spine. His techniques are very big and stretch the uke out considerably.

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