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Michael Mantas
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Re: Article - PCS Conditioning in Budo


Yes, I agree, a combination of both (and even other learning/training methods) would better serve than only a behavioral approach.

I also agree that we are all at different places in our awarenesses relative to each other, and even within each individual there exist many different levels of mastery of many different realms of knowledge and skills, we may have a very high intlellectual intelligence while at the same time having less developed kinesthetic or emotional intelligence.

In the areas of my life where I am a teacher, I have been impacted on a practical level by studying Ken Wilber's Integral Psychology and Beck and Cowan's Spiral Dynamics to help me understand the interplay of the many different threads of experiences, skills and development that may be present in the learning and growing process. I find one of the most important postures for me has been to learn how to meet people just slightly beyond where they are at instead of standing in what I think is the "final goal" of their learning path and failing to connect with them at all because, as you say, I am speaking a foreign and alien language to them. Integral Psychology and Spiral Dynamics map the human be-ing and development process in a way which considers the many different experiences, levels of growth and lines of development as they interact.

I am an advocate of doing what works, serves and is required in the moment (which is where I place Threadgill's position and methods) and simultaneously continuting to build a deeper and more expansive foundation in heart and spirit.

Here are 2 links to Ken Wilber's work:

Here is a link to Beck and Cowan's Spiral Dynamics:

Larry, I really appreciate your insights. Your students are fortunate, as am I, to have them.

Domo arigato gozaimashita,
Michael Mantas
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