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Mike Sigman wrote:
What I was asking was "what are the acceptable 'atemi's' that I can use in say an average dojo nowadays without having to face the ire anc conform-pressure that is so easily generated when you don't "harmonize" in accordance with the accepted protocols? Punch? Side chop? Elbow? Slap? What? In a lot of dojo's I've been in, the only really accepted atemi was a stylized fake fist-punch during irimi on a few select techniques and I was wondering what else was out there.
Any principle will be interpreted differently in different dojo in different circumstances so perhaps the question is a red herring.

ATEMI is the gerund--"hitting"--for ATERU--"to hit". The elbow, the knee to the groin, etc. are hitting. Folks may not like that in their dojo, but it's a hard point to argue. What follows is that dojo's conventions. Caveat emptor.

More interestingly, Shioda does ATEMI with the UKE's contact on him. UKE's attack impacts and he/she is thrown back.

Also interesting are the iterations of ATEMI beyond the physical, the eye flick or shoulder flinch which affect UKE without contact. I enjoyed Angier setting a paper fan on the bridge of his UKE's nose, e.g.

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