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Xu, glad to hear your training hard! I love the exercize your talking about, it really helps you learn to relax under pressure, not to mention stripping your technique to the bare essentials and giving you the mindset you need to last (see if you can get your teacher to add in some sticks and training blades with chalked surfaces, it kicks it up a notch, kali style Everything becomes short n sweet when your working from a tired, injured, or multiple opponent situation. I remember certain instances when i had to deal with 2 and 3 people at a time, thanks to the exact same exercize you ve mentioned, i was able to walk away, well actually limp away Anymore than 2 or 3 attackers and i usually introduced anequalizer When your tired, injured, or have multiple opponents, you find out real quick if youve been training right. What you said about getting to know yourself better is sooooo true! When you train hard, with realism, against resisting opponents that are pushing you to your very limits, it makes you dig down deep inside and tap a part of yourself that was put there long ago, and meant for only one thing.

With respect

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