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Re: Punches

Jason Potenza wrote:
Try this exercise sometime, run, swim, jump rope, hit a heavybag, do windsprints or ANY cardio exercise for 3 minutes as hard and as fast as you are able, then IMMEDIATELY have your training partner attack you using whatever means they wish (stick, knife, empty hand etc) ...<snip>... Do this with full intensity, just freaking attack you all out like your the only thing standing between them and their drowning child. Then you may begin to see if your techniques even come close to maybe working under pressure. I promise you you wont be able to catch that punch and your techniques wont look as smooth and pretty as they do in your dojo. ...<snip>...
Dear Jason,

Thanks for your jolt into realism. Although I may not have the opportunity to try and do all the above exercise prior to training... the closest that I have train under duress was when in Jiyu Waza/Randori sensei kept asking ukes after ukes come at me (one on one, fortunately). After the 3rd or 4th uke, and with a time period of probably a few minutes but to me seemed like an eternity, my techniques sure hell doesn't look like any standard aikido. I am aware that it became short with lots of atemi, pushing, shoving and avoidance. I sure hell don't recall doing any of those nice sankajo or yonkajo etc.

I love that experience, it allows me to know myself better i.e., how my body would react when my cognitive brain is not working. Thanks again for your input, Jason.

Domo arigato.


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