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Re: Article - PCS Conditioning in Budo

Nice post Michael.

Maybe this is why when some practice using both PCS and meditative methods (state and trait as you put it) they tend to have an even more controlled and scalable method of dealing with a variety of violence and high stress scenarios.

I understand your point of view of PCS being a reflection of the fear that life can be disrupted and that one is powerless to stop it. From my own studies of Asian religion, spiritual and meditative practices your point makes perfect sense to me. However for those who have not learnt to approach life from this paradigm, for those who seek to totally control life even if it is an illusion in their own minds, this concept may as well be a foreign and alien language. But there are other ways of helping the person find methods of dealing with high stress situations that cause adrenal stress responses. PCS conditioning is one, there are probably others. The most effective method will probably depend a lot on the psyche of the individual involved. The good thing about PCS is that it may take less time with the right people to be usable in the event that a situation occurs. However, for a more long term response, the meditative and visualization training may be of more benefit.

Maybe the ideal method is found in a combination of training in the two ways. I know it has worked remarkably well for me when faced with the "pointy end" of things.


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