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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Thats why we should all have a gathering once a year like i suggested! Its easy to have all this theory behind a keyboard but put all these people togather, introduce some different training situations, scenerios etc. Bring some people in from different systems, or just the average guy off the street that you know can fight Try this over and over again until we can see what does and does not work for real, repeatedly, against different experienced resisting training partners using empty hand and weapons at full speed with minimal protective equipment. This stuff about Aikido or any other art being too dangerous if trained full force is a cop out. I will train with ANYONE full force, no matter what art or rank, if it means i can get some real world results and become a better martial artist. The toughest training i ever came across was not in any martial arts school anyways, it was in my own backyard with a bunch of guys from the old neighborhood. I guess its more fun to talk about the feats of the old masters or what teacher can do this or that rather than actually get togather and see whats up for real. Oh well, it was just an idea i thought might be fun.
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