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Re: Lightsaber Kumitachi thread

I actually did create some lightsaber choreography for an independent Star Wars fan film called Revelations. It's a home made film with a story and characters set in Lucas's universe.

Pictures of Saotome Sensei's dojo are here:Training at DC Dojo We asked for permission to use the dojo for basic Japanese kendo and sword training for the actors of the film.

An interview I gave about the choreography can be found here: (Interview) Another interview I gave about my book can be found here: (Book Interview)

And if you want to see me here: Lightsaber Fight Pics. I'm in the 3rd and 4th pictures on the left. I play the equivalent of Darth Maul in this movie.

Most fan films are pretty amateur, but download the trailer Trailer Link and you'll see it looks pretty good. You'll need Quicktime.

All the choreography borrows from mostly Japanese ken and rapier and dagger/Musashi two-sword. A couple of moves are borrowed from jodo.
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