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Re: Equitable?

Mike Sigman wrote:
The point I've been making is that this sort of discussion is absurd. Women statistically cannot compete fairly on a one to one basis with equally trained larger men in a martial art.
Well, not entirely, Mike. My daughter, the ninth-ranked archer of her age in the U.S.A., can -- and has -- outshot bigger, stronger, and older men (including her obnoxiously proud dad).

She's not alone, by a long shot (so to speak). Just compare scores by gender from recent national competitions.

So, Mike, for accuracy's sake, let's rephrase what you said, inserting "unarmed" before "martial art," and then we can discuss truth of that satement, shall we?

--Avery (who is currently off the mat nursing a shoulder separation, and thus has plenty of time to kill with silly (but fun) arguments of this nature)
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