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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Brian Cates wrote:

...Aikido cannot safely be used full force on an untrained {or arguably, trained} person without risk of serious injury. Aikido involves full force throws and manipulation of joints that are dangerous and can easily kill or maim if the technique is received incorrectly...

This does not apply to ALL Aikido type techniques. Conversely this applies to ALL styles of martial arts, they all have things you cannot do full force on an untrained person.

Not saying you are implying the following, but I have seen this argument made before that aikido is too lethal to train hard or full force. That is not true. It can be and I have trained this way. However, it is best to train slowly and develop your posture etc. I think aikido typically spends alot of time training this way and it is good.

Even in BJJ you train slow and methodically to develop good habits. They just tend to spend much more time on randori from my experiences. Most BJJers have different objectives than Aikidoka so naturally they emphasize different things.

Doesn't mean either art is any less or more effective, it simply depends on your desired goals longterm, shorterm etc.
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