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Re: Equitable?

Mike Sigman wrote:
OK. Using those criteria then... I conclude you are a witling, Brion. Do you now see the fallacy of allowing those sorts of comments into logical debate? Sure, Brion... you first of all miss the point of why O-Sensei did not allow his students to walk on his right side, his sword-hand side, if you think martial arts was not his focus. Secondly, you have interpreted "relaxed" from the English sense and don't seem to understand that it just means "not stiff", not "unconcerned with the world around us".... But it's worthy of debate, Brion. Debate, as long as it's civil, brings out points of discussion. In other words, you don't really understand violence and death, Brion, you equate any talk of violence as being far removed from "reality" as you see it in the upper Northwest? It's a talking point to you, isn't it? In other words, wouldn't you say that actual fighting seems thuggish and foreign to you? ... People who call names like "sexist", "racist", "chauvinist", etc., are the people trying to stifle discussion, don't you think? ... Out of curiosity, what "artificial advantage" are you talking about? I hope that a survival necessity such as splitting of responsibilities is not what you're thinking of as the original artifice. If that's true then you are doom to the species, Brion. No. Attempting to stifle debate by stigmatizing opposing viewpoints is a well-known debate tactic from far antiquity, Brion. Remember that the next time you attempt to argue by name-calling and not addressing the issues, please.


Mike Sigman
Witling (one who aspires to wittiness) is indeed a fair conclusion. Reminds me of Wilde's,"One can pretend to be serious, but one cannot pretend to be witty."
As for O-Sensei's sword arm, I am truly sorry if I gave the impression that I thought that he wasn't focused on martial arts. Also sorry if I gave the impression that I translated "relaxed" from anything at all ---what on Earth are you talking about here?
Ah, violence and death. I understand them; they penetrate even here, to the Hobbit Shires of the Northwest. Fighting is not always thuggish, and I would that it were more foreign.
As far as thugs go, I deal with them as I need to; I just would rather not have to deal with them as a result of typing.
I do not think that people who call names like "sexist", "racist", and "chauvinist" are necessarily trying to stifle discussion, though that is sometimes the case. What they might be doing, instead, is describing a fact, or delivering an emotional outburst, or making a mistaken statement, all of which can be addressed rationally.
And that 'artificial advantage'? Nothing to do with adaptive gender roles necessary for the continuation of the species, nothing to do with division of labor based on physiology, no doom of the species or other hyperbole involved. Just the advantages that have tended to go with being a white male in the West.
Finally, also sorry if I indulged in name-calling, as opposed to naming.
Brion Toss
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