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Re: Equitable?

Rob Liberti wrote:
I know that there is always the major trump card of "get out" but is there an alternative (worthy of a noble peace prize)?
I refuse to give up trying to find the alternative. I just seem to be miles away from finding it

It may be completely OT, but in ref to compassion: my job as a homoeopath actually has helped me a lot to understand trouble-makers. In homoeopathy we learn a lot about peopleīs state and behaviour by talking with them about *other* people and by watching their behaviour towards others. It may sound very simple (which in practice it is not so much ), but people generally behave towards others in either the way they themselves want to be treated, or in the way they perceive themselves being treated by others.
As I said, it is not quite as easy as that and it is certainly not meant as an excuse for bad behaviour. But it has shown me that when it comes down to it we are all just people suffering from one thing or the other (including myself, heh ) - and in effect that has taught me compassion. There is not a single patient of mine who, when talking to me in my practice, seems unlikeable any more. They are all just human beings that want to be happy.
Now, I wish I could see that when somebody resists my ikkyo in practice to show me that I am just a little girl All of a sudden itīs just theory again and I forget all about compassion

And now, after exploring the lala/soft aspects of aikido, Iīll go straight to the dojo to practice some nasty, martial nikkyo

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