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Re: The meaning of omote and ura

[quote=Peter A GoldsburyFor a start, Morihei Ueshiba himself never used the terms, or their cognates irimi and tenkan, and in his douka stated that there were no hidden aspects of aikido.[/QUOTE]

I guess I kind of would take that as it is all right there and obvious to him, but a beginner with an untrained eye might consider much of it hidden. I have never heard O-sensei's douka before. Can you tell me more about this? Does it say anything else that you found interesting?


I understand what you mean, but I think that the ura version working better might be more of a function of momentum and cooperative training. I think you really need to understand the omote version if you want to have any hope of being able to understand more about the ura version. That's just my opinion.

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