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Re: Equitable?

Glad to see the humour coming up again

Rob Liberti wrote:

About the the nuts and bolts of equitability, when someone is toxic to many members of either gender in the dojo, what is the best way to deal with them? (I know that when it is the teacher, you leave.) But what about when it is some new student? Or what about some senior student? What about a visitor? Any ideas?

Just yesterday I read in Bolelli´s "On the Warrior´s Path":

In the Mahaparinivvana-sutra is written: "If enlightening beings practice mundane tolerance and thus do not stop evil people, allowing them to increase in evil..., then these enlightening beings are actually devils, not enlightening beings."

(Please note that I am NOT referring to aynone on this forum with this!)

I am not sure I agree with this in the context of O-Sensei´s vision of compassion and the idea of unifying the world. Just food for thought.
Honestly, if anyone managed to come up with a receipe for how to treat trouble-makers in the dojo in a compassionate, yet effective way, I´d suggets them for the nobel peace prize.

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