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Re: Equitable?

Sunny, are you being "passive-aggressive" and "gratuitous"? Or am I stifling discussion by name-calling? Well, maybe I'm just one of those "nurturists". I occurs to me that de"nile" ain't just a river in Eqypt, and apparently "projection" ain't just a type of throw in aikido....

In a level-playing field such as an on-line forum or say driving where people have disagreements in their belief systems, it must make people who normally get their way through intimidation, bullying, and various levels of manipulation very upset. My thoughts are that a dojo should be such a level-playing field. Is there something we can do to help these people not be so upset or do we just have to kick them out?

I suppose that we could just constantly bring up women's issues in the dojo in hopes of tricking them into leaving or have manditory 'bring your mom to the dojo and forgive her' day.

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