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Re: The Maths of Aikido

Some aikido principles can be explained by physics. As an example, ALL techniques can be classified into one of the 3 simple levers. The lever has 3 components: the resistance, the force and fulcrum. The resistance is always the hara/center/dantien while the location of the fulcrum and force depends on the technique. The objective therefore is how to unbalance the resistance using any technique. This principle applies to all joints on a micro to macro level: micro for example are the fingers, thumbs (eg aiki age, aiki sage) macro being shoulder, elbow, neck (eg kihon waza).

Another example is the concept of non-resistance. This can be explained by the simple physics concept of work. The physics definition of work = Force X displacement X cos (angle). This is different from a layman's concept of work. The application to aikido is the force = line of KI and displacement is where you want uke/uke's body part to move. You are doing 0 work if the angle between uke's KI (line of force/movement) and where he's going is 90 degrees since cos(90) = 0. By doing 0 work, you are therefore using 0/minimal energy and also no power. This principle also applies on a micro/macro level and in all techniques.

Kuzushi is basically maximizing the effect of gravity in uke by tilting him from a perfectly upright position. A few degrees difference from the 90 degree position has a lot of effect from gravity.

By applying these physics concepts, you are literally integrating the "universe" within you since everybody succumbs to the physical laws. Nobody is immune. Imho, in aikido uke always has 2 opponents therefore will always be at a disadvantage: nage and the natural laws. Nage is just the "facilitator" applying the laws. IMO, in aikido nage's contribution is just a very tiny part in a perfect technique since it is the natural laws that uke succumbs to and not nage. Understand the natural laws and you will start understanding what aikido is IMHO. Aikido to me is basically applied physics in martial arts :-).

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