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Re: Eyes in the Martial Arts

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Conrad,
I much prefer looking at old episodes of cowboys on the telly.As far as gazing intently at someone, this can and often results in a confrontation.In general I like to have eyes / look that appears benevolent [and 99% ]of the time is a benevelent gaze.It is only when the chips are down and the situation is serious do I become a little bit more intimidating.I believe you can train to swich on and off how you project your demeanour.
I have met doormen , loan sharl enforcers in my day.Socially they were goodd guys, happy smiling eyes , quite witty.Totally opposite when they put on their Mr Nasty hat.You knew when they were up for it ,and willing to exchange blows.
I think a apparent pleasant manner can get you out of a sticky position, and if not thats too bad. Cheers, Joe

Good point. Nothing is going to be appropriate/effective 100% of the time, right?


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