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Re: The House of Pain

"I don't give the attacker a choice. I always take the attacker's centre. I always break the attacker's balance. So the whole question of pain is just not relevant."

Niall: I like this perspective and I attempt, myself, to not have pain be the focus of my techniques, but with my kohai, I feel that I have to take them to the edge/border of pain, particularly with some techniques that come to mind: nikkyo, sankyo, yonkyu, so that they understand the consequences of non-compliance. Granted, not all of their nages may be that "nice" and take them further into the "house of pain" that is necessary for teaching purposes; but, still, they need to learn, I think, that pain or even injury can happen with some techniques if taken to an extreme, or if they are not responsive enough. Is there another way of doing this? Nage applying a perfect technique each time to an uke, especially a new student, does not seem to be teaching them the "fullness" of each technique. Thanks.....Jim

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