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Re: The House of Pain

Mario Tobias wrote: View Post
yup agreed, I do that as well...getting even I mean. However, in 2 decades practice, I have never injured a person, not one. The thing is I can be as rough as I like but it is always controlled.

unfortunately, there are some sempais/kohais that give it to you and you take it, but when it is your turn to give them the same treatment, they complain how rough you are. If they treat you rough and you take it, they'll need to be able to receive the same treatment as well. I've experienced this in almost every dojo I've joined. Have you experienced the same?
Dear Mario,
Not since I was a bit younger. One or two incidents with some guys.Nowadays I just try and keep smiling.Even outside of the dojo i rarely get phased.I guess just the way I present myself.I try to be benevolent to most people but now and then you someone coming along and the spoil your day.You just have to keep focused and hope for the best. Cheers,Joe.
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