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Re: How to Turn

Niall Matthews wrote: View Post
Actually Chris he didn't refer to anything else. Specifically or otherwise. He said

And as for not using the kanji for fire without the kanji for water? Every time O Sensei said I'll see you on Tuesday he was using the word for fire without the word for water.

Most people on here don't speak Japanese. They would read this nonsense and think it was correct.
Even if most people don't speak Japanese, I don't see requests to explain every Japanese word in every post (aren't they all just randon syllables in romaji?) - still, I get that it can be misunderstood, which is why I elaborated.

I think that you're deliberately taking this over-literally.

Of course there would be times when he said (yo)katta (good) without "in", but that doesn't diminish any importance that Ueshiba placed on In and Yo as a paired group.

Since it's nonesense, perhaps you could explain why Ueshiba thought that Fire and Water should not be paired, or why his repeated usage (and it's very repetative) of the two is not important.



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