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Benjamin Green
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Re: Why Have Martial Arts Demonstrations?

Niall Matthews wrote: View Post
But the social display of force is not one of them. Unless you live in a military dictatorship on the Korean peninsula. Or perhaps in prison.
I get a couple of heavy set lads along it's a show of force. I have them break someone's head in it's a show of violence. I guess that'd be the relevant distinction here.

Niall Matthews wrote: View Post
The argument against budo demonstrations is fundamental and simple. In an emergency you react automatically depending on your training. If you are holding back or deliberately doing something for an audience it is by definition fake. That's why many budo teachers do not like demonstrations.

Not too many emergencies in budo either, hopefully.

It's not that I don't understand that sentiment, but I can't follow the reasoning. You're pretty much always holding back -- if you didn't people would end up maimed.

- Ben
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