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Re: Aikido Teaching Information Silence


That's a wonderful post. Thank you very much.

One of the most precious things I will take from my time in Japan is the appreciation of silence. It is not simply "nothing" it has texture and meaning.

Your post reminded me of the late Northern Irish Jesuit priest, William Johnston, who spent much of his life in Japan, exploring the connections between Buddhism, especially Zen, and Christianity:

"My many years in Asia have let me see that Asians treasure silence much more than people in the West. Even in the electric train running through Tokyo most Asians sit silently with back erect and eyes downcast and while the western visitors keep chatting - or should I say blethering? - the Asians maintain their silence. I do not mean that they are meditating -- they may well be sleeping -- but their culture prepares them for silent meditation and lets them see that one can communicate without words. This is something that we Christians are learning in Asia."
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