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Re: Aiki and Kokyu Ryoku

I think it's interesting that in another thread, assuming I read it correctly, "aiki" was suggested to be a made up word used to help classify things into different categories; that the terminology might not be as important as so many people seem to think. Breath power is clearly a central theme in the Ueshiba Aikido system, regardless of whatever other forms of power it also includes. I'm guessing that whatever we're talking about, one could approach it from an external and/or internal point of view. Perhaps, de facto, most people approach it more from the external due to the subtle and difficult nature of the internal approach. However, perhaps it doesn't matter as long as we're doing our utmost: checking our work; sampling other points of view; always doing our best and being humble enough to know there's always more to learn and other people who know things we do not...or even if just a bit differently. The more data points we can hold together in our minds, the more the image takes shape...that's my "impressionism," at any rate.

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