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Re: Resistance

Interesting article Niall. I once counselled a lady who had virtually had a nervous breakdown. Up to that point she was successful and a senior lecturer at a polytechnic. Great family. All was well and then crash. That was the outer appearance.

It took a while but the realization she had that changed everything and put her back on track was that she had always resisted what she thought was wrong.

This caused a gradual build up of stress (or karma as I called it) until a simple thing in life was the final straw. Collapse.

Suffice to say she then fully recovered and got her job back and went on to become vice principal. One relieved family also. She even took up Aikido too.

So that's another aspect to the subject of resistance.

I also from a spiritual perspective look at things you mention like when the berlin wall came down and the general kind of uprisings seen across the arab world at the moment and the article you refer to.

For me I look at it this way. Spiritually people can put up with a lot but basically spirit is free, not something to be bottled up or undermined. Thus when you get dictatorships or heavy oppressive regimes there can only be one day an explosion of some sort. A rebellion.

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