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Re: Resistance

Lovely column. It reminds me of what my old teacher used to say which he said he got from Tohei Sensei. It was a description of one point which we had as our main datum for Ki 'power' energy.

It was; One point is the infinite gathering of infinitely small particles.

Anyway, resistance and non-resistance is one of my favourite topics and at the hub of Aikido for me.

You're tempting me to start a thread, ha, ha. I always say there is no 'against' in Aikido. There is no opposing either. Resistance contains both.

The key to understanding non-resistance is by discovering what is borne by doing so. Thus we discover plenty of energy or energies and they are all non-resistive. So once we get over the need or even ingrained automatic resistive factors we discover plenty of non-resistive ones.

This for me is the key to understanding non-resistance, the fact that it doesn't mean you are left with nothing at all in fact quite the opposite.

Thanks Niall. Regards.G.
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