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Re: Martial Arts in Manga and Animé

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
Why no love for Takehiko Inoue's Vagabond? It is really one of the best comic books of any nation or genre of all time.
Big fan here! I love Vagabond's stunning drawing style and fun characterization of historical figures. The visualizations of sword fights are the best I've seen.

A few other martial-arts /action ones:

子連れ狼 Kozure Ōkami / Lone Wolf and Cub
A canonical manga. Lots of sword-fighting and bushido references.

半蔵の門 Hanzō no Mon / Hanzo's Gate / Path of the Assassin
Same authors as Lone Wolf and Cub. Interesting and fun take on ninjutsu and Tokugawa history.

シグルイ Shigurui / Death Frenzy
The most disturbing manga I've seen. Shows the "ugly" side of one brutal koryu. There's also an anime version that is a work of visual art. Don't try the "nagare boshi" technique lol
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