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Re: Improvised Weapons No. 1: The Umbrella

Hi Niall,
Thank you for this interesting column.
You've mentioned the name of Hanai Oume's restaurant and mentioned that it coincides with the name of your blog.
Recently I participated in the annual seminar of Hiroshi Tada sensei in Switzerland. It was a fantastic experience for me, and I guess I'll ponder quite a lot on the things demonstrated and explained there.
Anyway, Tada sensei talked about the three centers of the human body according to the Japanese tradition. If I remember correctly he said they are called tanden in Japanese and chakra in Sanskrit.
He said the center of the middle, I reckon it's somewhere just below the ribcage, is also called "moon in the water". I immediately thought of your blog's name. Now, that you've mentioned this name, I hope it's alright to ask whether there's somehow a connection to your blog name (or maybe to the name of the above mentioned restaurant)?
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