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Diana Frese
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Re: Brothers

just wanted to let you know I find this topic fascinating, also the DNA one. But for now, I'll just say that I met my future husband and brother in law when they were practicing kung fu at the local YMCA. Someone said, " those are the _____ brothers."

I'm the youngest in my family by many years (same parents, though) so it was a bit fascinating to see siblings who were close in age "interacting".

"They're brothers? So that explains what they're doing to each other?"

They weren't really beating up on each other, but their gaze was really intent. Of course I wasn't used to that in Aikido classes I had attended or even taught, we were not supposed to look directly at uke....

As Mr. Spock of Star Trek used to say, "Fascinating." So that's how I got drawn into cross-training in the early eighties. And now it turns out so many Aikidoka have done that for years, while I was tied up with daily life stuff ... Not to criticise daily life, it's important too....
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